Support women in sailing and help us reach our goals

Why we do it?

Athena Sailing was formed to increase women’s participation in sailing through building confidence, joy and knowledge within the sport. To see an all women crew competing in Hobart is rare and Athena fills that gap by providing a platform for women to experience and develop their skills and love for sailing.

Before anyone can be confident and engage in a new sport, they must first feel welcome, safe and have fun. Athena offers a low-cost entry into the sport for women with just that. Providing a learning, development, team building program focusing on introducing new, returning and experienced sailors all working together and sharing their knowledge in an empowering environment.

What we do?

Athena is making a mark for women sailing in Tasmania, utilising four SB20 sport boats. Our aim is to put together four complete women teams with sailors of both skilled and novice backgrounds. Adding in the objective to grow the program for participants to understand the importance of fitness, working together in a team, taking the time off the water to learn the tactical and technical aspects of the sport in a fun dynamic environment.

Athena Sailing aims to be a sustainable sailing program and continues to grow its membership and supporters.  If you are interested in finding out how you can help the program please contact us!

  • To inspire and develop women in sailing

    To introduce and empower women to be confident in this male dominated sport. Showcasing the physical and mental strength of women, in pushing their boundaries both within themselves and within a team.

  • To be a sustainable sailing program

    We aim to be self funded by subscriptions, attracting and growing our members and annual fundraising events.

  • To gain notable recognition at sailing championships

    Our expectations for our program are high and our goal is to reach skill levels that rival the best sailing clubs in the world.  We aim for the program to be made up of 40% of new sailors – women who have not sailed prior to program.